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  • 12.04.2019
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Dairisar | 15.04.2019
It's like the movie "The Hand That Rocks The Craddle" except this women has an actual connection and history with the family. The infiltration is complete, the new wife has been replaced and now she needs to move on.
Shakagami | 15.04.2019
It sounded like she called herself sensi pearl?
Gukinos | 17.04.2019
Been there. I understand. Never a fun situation and it always hurts when we hurt the ones we love. Take a step back, calm down and clear your mind. Learn from the situation and try to calm yourself if you feel you might say something you might regret again. Be upfront and apologize to the ones you hurt and I'm sure they'll forgive you.
Mooguran | 22.04.2019
Yo de Puebla también, me encantan sus vídeos saludos de su amigo Angel.

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