• 25.04.2019
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Meztit | 30.04.2019
They could use a handy dandy ShamWow to clean up all that jizz!
Kagam | 02.05.2019
Only complete morons (ie: CUPW would think they can garner public support by holding people's packages hostage over the Christmas holidays. Then again, this is the same group that is seeing their industry (door to door mail delivery become obsolete, and yet strikes for job security . And why, you ask? Because they're government workers, and feel ENTITLED to that life-long, cushy paycheque/benefits/pensions. To hell with reality, they want their fantasy world, and are willing to mess with the public's lives in order to get it.
Kazijin | 04.05.2019
along with the magic wand i would love to see a speader pub like others have said but i think this magic wand a fake penis and a speader pub would make things truly intense and i hope its a possibility maybe in the future?
Zulum | 28.04.2019
Es malo si mis hermanas caminan en mi casa con cacheteros nomas yo Camino en mis boxers apretados I se me marca toda la verga amor agregame
Muktilar | 30.04.2019
if i was driving down the street and eyed them filming. im ambling up

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